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Multiplayer Series UE4 [3] – Character

Is this the end?

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it wasn’t just pure suffering for you. But anyway you went through a lot and learned a lot. Starting with absolute no experience of Unreal Network System and going through this without any help would have taken 3-6 months, so hope you don’t need to spent that much time for learning to make Multiplayer games.

Let’s do a quick recap of what we just went through.

  1. How to make animations work in multiplayer.
  2. How to record Projectile Damage.
  3. How to create a projectile.
  4. How to Shoot projectile in right direction.

Lots of work for small amount of features lol.

LineTraceByChannel would be much better for 2. The projectile can skip objects because it has high velocity, that’s why we turned CCD on. Some games actually use mix of it, they record Line Trace and object collision. If you wan’t bullet drop then Line Trace needs to happen in Tick of Projectile.

About number 4, projectile isn’t going perfectly where crosshair is pointing. This happens because of camera offset. You could move the starting point where camera center is then move it little bit forward and unhide visual sphere until it has moved 1 meter forward. You also need muzzle flame effects.

Anyway you can cheat your way out of problems easily. I’ll leave the cheating part to you.


I would also like to hear from you so if you have time fill this form.

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