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Multiplayer Series UE4 [3] – Character

In this part we’ll create Character functionalities, Damage System, Weapon and Projectile.

Let’s add First Person Character so we can get the Gun in our game.

Go to Add/Import -> Add Feature or Content Pack.

In here select Blueprint -> First Person.

We also need some animations. So go to Marketplace -> Animation Starter Pack and add that.

In AnimStarterPack.

Open Ue4ASP_Character.

Then find SK_FPGun.

Add Gun to Ue4ASP_Character, inside character mesh.

Select mesh and open SK_Mannequin.

In skeleton tree find hand_r and Add Socket to it.

Rename socket to gun.

In Construction Script of Ue4Character add AttachComponentToComponent and snap gun to mesh.

Now you just need to rotate and place it.

Move the gun socket in skeleton tree.

The index finger should come through trigger hole.


Now we can quickly update Crouch feature to work in multiplayer.

Go to Event Graph and find Crouching.

Set CrouchButtonDown boolean to Replicated.

Then add two Custom Events. CrouchServer and CrouchEndServer, make them Executes On Server and connect them to Crouch Input.

Now you just need to go to MDM_PlayerController and update SpawnCharacter variable with Ue4ASP_Character. Then try it out.

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