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UE4 Landscape Material Made Easy

Let’s start by creating material functions first.

Add New -> Materials & Textures -> Material Function.

Rename it to what you like.

Open Material Function and add MakeMaterialAttributes.

Then just bring your textures and connect them.

Dublicate the same function as many times as you need.

Add at least LandscapeCoords and connect them to UVs. Also add multiply with Scalar Parameter.

Name the Scalar Parameter to match with material function.

Change TextureParameters Sample Source to “Shared: Wrap”.

Otherwise textures won’t fit in memory and you’ll get weird problems.

You’ll get problems like this or it’s just going to look black.

I ended up with 5 material functions.

Now create Material and then right click landscape material -> create material instance.

You should end up with this.

Open landscape master and add BreakMaterialAttributes.

Connect it like this.

Add LandscapeLayerBlend.

Select it and in details panel click plus button to add layers.

Create as many as you need, max 7.

That was the maximum layers that worked for me.

Then from content browser drag and drop your material functions in and connect them to Layer Blend.

End result should look like this.

You can also click Use Material Attributes in Material settings to skip BreakMaterialAttributes.

Now you should see all Uv scaling parameters in Landscape Material instance.

Drop Landscape Material Instance to landscape material slot.

It’s going to look black at this moment.

We need to create blend layers.

In Modes panel go to Landscape -> Paint.

Click plus button and select Weight-Blender Layer (normal).

Do this for all materials.

Like this.

Now you should see Shaders Compiling.

If nothing happened set paint brush to maximum size and go to orbit.

Select one of material layers and paint whole landscape.

Once you see at least one material filling everything you can actually start painting the landscape.

If it bugs out and you see default editor material then set brush falloff to zero and brush strength to 1 and paint the landscape with every material.

Now that should make your life much easier then following the typical way of doing that. And now it’s easy to replace or add more materials into that (max is 7). Adding everything into Landscape Material and dublicating Layer Blend is going to make you pull your hairs off your head.

Good luck!

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